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there's a tiny shy mouse who lives in our apartment. we've named it figs. figs is about the size of a dumpling and has large ears. as far as we know, figs hasn't chewed up any cords or gotten into our food yet. we sometimes see it scurrying around at night. it seems to subsist on the crumbs we drop. lately, we've started leaving out bits of rue's rat food for figs. it moves very, very fast; we've never come close to catching it.

I don't mind having figs around, I just wish that I could somehow communicate to figs that we don't mean it any harm. I wonder if figs is alone or if there are other mice somewhere. We still can't figure out when/how figs got in. One night, I just started seeing it running rapidly between the heating bit on the wall and the tv stand.

bubble island still hasn't got any special flavors of the month. it's been a year now! I wonder if there will be pumpkin spice bubble tea this year at all.


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