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becca visited last week with liz! I ended up showing them around ann arbor a fair amount and we ate a lot.

we have so many cats roaming felch street. it's the street I take every day to and from work. on my way to work there's always a kitty under the pink flowers that bloom on the chain link fence who accosts me. it's such a cute kitty. it's grey with white paws. it likes to crawl up my legs sometimes which isn't good for my pants.

it's still too early to tell if I'm recovering. I do think the anxiety attacks have significantly lessoned after talking to my parents, but they haven't gone away. I still don't know what's going to happen to me, but I definitely think I'm sleeping better now that I'm not so scared all the time.

working as a tech consultant keeps me sooo busy but it's a lot more fun this way, at least so far. and I actually rather like working north campus showcase even though I have to bus up there and even though it's a little scary working without any backup in repairs.

I'm really craving pumpkin spice flavor lately. I hope bubble island has pumpkin spice milk tea now...though now that I think about it, they do flavors of the month so they probably won't have it till october starts. oh well, I can wait a few days.

I'm so tired lately. my energy levels have not been getting any better and it's worrying me. I can't pull my thoughts together when I'm constantly exhausted.

I've started playing tales of the abyss finally. it's a lot of fun so far. I love jade.


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