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ch 1: akashi briefs the miragen. kuroko gains custody of kagami. kagami tastes his first maji burger. we learn that kise is more or less a mole.

ch 2: kagami is less than pleased to be woken up by nigou. kagami vs the shower. aomine comes over with spare clothes for kagami. kuroko goes to visit shirogane in the hospital. kagami vs the tv. kise tries to convince kuroko to hand kagami over to him w/o revealing thaT HE'S WORKING FOR THE DEVIL.

ch 3: kuroko and kagami return to the police station where they talk with captain hyuuga, who is a history buff. momoi tries to interview them but police chief riko chases her off. later kuroko agrees to let momoi talk with kagami if in return she gives them any leads she finds. momoi helps them find out what befell himuro. kagami is shocked and saddened to learn that apparently his sworn brother was tried and executed for witchcraft. they visit himuro's grave and find a secret message, but akashi is also waiting for them there.

ch 4: kuroko, kagami, and momoi manage to escape across the river because akashi can't cross running water. they go back to town. kuroko decides it's no longer safe for kagami to stay with him and asks momoi to take kagami back to aomine's place instead. kuroko heads to the precinct on his own to continue the hunt for clues now armed w/ himuro's secret message. there, kise wheedles with kuroko again but when kuroko still refuses to trust him, kise resorts to knocking him out and kidnapping him instead. it is revealed in himuro's message that himuro faked his death. he is indeed a practitioner of witchcraft, he is still alive, and he is currently being held captive by akashi.

ch 5: kuroko wakes up and kise tries to explain that he's truly neutral and only trying to remove kuroko from the situation to keep him safe, unfortunately his actions have completely destroyed kuroko's last shred of trust in him. hanamiya shows up to keep tabs on kise, and upon learning that instead of tracking down kagami kise has been hiding kuroko, hanamiya takes it upon himself to kill kuroko. kise holds hanamiya off, giving kuroko time to escape. a phonecall between aomine and midorima reveals that kise isn't the only member of the miragen pushing their own agenda in spite of akashi's orders.

ch 6: (this chapter heavy on the kagakuro bonding) kuroko et al learn from himuro's secret message that in order to defeat akashi aka the headless horseman, they must destroy his head before akashi can find it and assume his true form and power. kagami was the one who cut off akashi's head in battle (before succumbing to his own wounds), but the crux of himuro's message which indicates where himuro hid akashi's head remains unsolved. Half of the key to destroying akashi's head is the ring kagami wears around his neck (which himuro buried him with). (Himuro himself wears the other half.)

ch 7: halloween aka the night of reckoning approaches. I'm still hashing out this part but it ends up being a miragen and kagami vs akashi and his 4 generals showdown. confrontation should be set up w/ the intention of a kagami-for-himuro hostage exchange sort of situation. akashi regains his head in spite of our heroes' best efforts, and they have to fight him in his ~final form. kise turns out to not be dead and foils akashi's plans? kagami slamdunks akashi's head into mount doom or smth to that effect lmao. himuro sacrifices himself?? idk. himuro w/ his dying breath apologizes for essentially pulling a legend of zelda: ocarina of time on kagami's life. says he's sorry about taking away kagami's future and that he can't send kagami back in time to live out the rest of his life. kagami forgives him, saying that in a way he was given a future, just not the one he was expecting. himuro gets actually for real buried this time in his empty grave. kagakuro live happily ever after??????? this part's a mess.
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