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I realized two things: whenever I have nightmares now, they always take place in the old house I grew up in, and also the reason I never scream anymore is because I'm always being hunted by something that requires me to stay silent.

The nightmare I just woke from only ended when my eyes opened (still dreaming) and realized that it was morning.

In my dream I had a pink cat(?) with the body of a border collie who was very loyal to me unto its death. It died of some sort of wasting disease that made its internal organs fall out. I remember when it died it was very flat. And we were in a ballroom? I was devastated.

I don't remember burying it. But then it started hunting people who hurt me. We lived in a castle or something in the middle of a frozen wasteland, and I could see from the windows my dead cat thing chasing ppl down and devouring them outside. It traveled at high speeds. It was black and disintegrating and eventually just became shaped like an arm with a maw.

I wished I could stop it but we couldn't communicate or I was too scared or some combination of these things. Naturally, it started turning against anyone who so much as said negative things to me. When people around me just started disappearing, that's when I started to hide from it.

Annie was here at my house trying to talk my mother out of berating me when it arrived. I assume it ate them both. I was in my room (in my old house; because remember even tho I dreamed we lived in a castle, its layout was still that of my old house) hiding under the covers with my bear, waiting for it to start knocking on my bedroom door when I forced myself out of my dream.
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