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kaepora gaebora's theme was always one of my favorites. one of the first pieces I transcribed for the small brother person when I started giving him piano lessons at age 3. I started him early because I noticed he had perfect pitch at age 2. He would sing back entire songs he heard on tv. He might not even have known what the words meant, but how many 2-year-olds have perfect pitch AND a perfect sense of rhythm. the parents couldn't afford to pay for real lessons so I used the handy dandy underline feature in ms word and made my own notation paper, transcribed leitmotifs from our favorite video games (mostly pokemon and zelda at the time), and started teaching him on my own.

dad's old phone had a custom ringtone feature. the small brother person and I recreated the hyrule castle town theme on it one summer.

after I started high school, the small brother person started looking for sheet music on his own on the internet. he's been self-teaching essentially for the last several years. For his last birthday he begged for real piano lessons and mom finally complied. His hardass russian piano instructor was actually suitably impressed with the small brother person's "homeschooling". the small brother person told me that his teacher said it was a real pity I quit playing. Yeah well circumstances and real life got in the way. I'm glad I was able to nurture someone who has infinitely more potential. :]

back when I was a kid I used to tearfully wish for typical asian parents that made you take music lessons. all my friends were playing piano and I would go to music or electronic stores and try and play stuff on the keyboards. that was my main outlet from ages 5-8. started giving the small brother person "lessons" at age 9. I always regret not being good at theory so I wasn't able to teach him much theory. But by the time he started getting real lessons he was playing at a level where his instructor couldn't tell or it didn't matter that he'd never learned the theory, so I guess it all worked out in the end (' u ')b

I think that growing up I had this rly deeply seated desire to be good at something and that something was music but due to various things I missed all my opportunities in a sort of gradual, oh..., life goes on kind of way. and maybe I won't have the time and resources to ever be good at something in my life, but I have to reflect carefully and not be a parent (or in this case, elder sibling) who tries to force a dream on a child (or younger sibling) and live vicariously through them. which is why once I stopped teaching the small brother person I rly let go and stepped back and didn't try to influence even his taste in music. I want him to pursue it because he wants it and not because it's a pity his sister had to quit and that he must fulfill something that she left undone.


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