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I'm actually backreading my twitter feed right now so I can do a synopsis of my new york trip!

So on new year's day, I took the greyhound with [personal profile] artemis_elric to new york, got there on the 2nd and met up with [ profile] sonicorca and [ profile] eggtrolls. We went to see the hobbit (a second time for me) and then got the hobbit breakfast at denny's afterwards. We all got hobbit trading cards and I traded all of mine for artemis's thorin card hehehehehe....

The next day we went to the met and then sonicorca's mom took us out for korean bbq for dinner:

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Walked over to the kinokuniya bookstore after dinner. They had these big wall displays for Vagabond:

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Everything was super expensive. I made artemis buy me a notebook with rilakkuma and kiirotori on it hehehehehe....

On the train back to sonicorca's; everyone was super exhausted:

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When the train stopped at its last stop for the night we were the only ppl in the last car. the lady on the PA gave her usual spiel but ended by saying, "And to the four little princesses in the last car, have a safe trip home." /)u(\

The next morning we set out bright and early to visit doctor who filming locations in central park. First stop was bow bridge to play pooh sticks:

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And then we walked to book off where I made artemis buy for me got Maaya Sakamoto's Yuunagi Loop, Ayaka Iida's Minna Sora no Shita, Amano Tsukiko's A Moonchild In The Sky, and Zabadak's IKON ~Tooi tabi no kioku~. (I wanted Maaya's Shonen Alice album but it wasn't on sale ;;)

We went to see Sleep No More that night and it was amazing! (To give a short description, the play's an immersive film noir adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth set on several floors of a renovated hotel where the audience can follow actors around and be in the scenes. The sound design was p h e n o m e n a l.)

The next day we went to some more bookstores and I got terry pratchett's snuff and tan twan eng's garden of evening mists (which I'm reading right now). I also spent a lot of time crying in front of rilakkuma plushies I could not afford.

On our last day in ny we visited the museum of natural history and I bought (or made artemis buy) all the plushies I wanted. A good last day all in all:

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Aaand now we're all back in Ann Arbor dreading school tomorrow morning BUT SUCH IS LIFE. How were y'all's holiday breaks. even if you didn't go anywhere hope you were all well rested and if you had to work I hope you made a lot of money d(' v ')b

and gosh is it time for another bimonthly doodle dump already /holds head
I'll make that post next once I've uploaded all my doodles to photobucket and organized them ._.
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GDCrew was interviewed in the 12th issue of COSTOP magazine, which to my understanding is a fairly well-known fashion/cosplay magazine in mainland China. (You can see that Ukrainian cosplayer/cosplay photographer kirawinter was featured in this magazine too, doing an interview on cosplay culture in Ukraine.)

GDCrew's interview had a little more to do with their One Piece skit last year than their Gintama skit this year, I felt, but it also has a lot of insight into how the team works. Translated text with photos below the cut!

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Links you'll want to check out:

GDCrew's One Piece skit (unsubbed) on youtube.

kularock's flickr set has over a hundred high quality photos from GDCrew's One Piece performance at nationals last year!

My GDCrew appreciation post has ~70 photos from this year's Gintama skit. (I have saved over 700 photos of GDCrew, and I don't even know what to do with them, so if there's anything you'd like to see, I do take requests. I have sent countless pictures to ppl via email, skype, etc. So just let me know what you want!)

The #gdcrew tag on my tumblr is updated much more frequently with photos than my blog here.
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OriginalChinese hanziMandarin pinyinTransliteration
Leaves from the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile, tiny shells
Drifting in the foam

Little soldier boy
Come marching home
Brave soldier boy
Comes marching home

yèpiàn cóng téngmàn
huǎnmàn de zhuìluò
xiàng cuìruò xiǎo bèiké
piāoliú zài mò zhōng

wǒ de xiǎo yǒngshì
xiàng jiā mài bù
yǒnggǎn de háizi
zǒu huí jiā de lù
Leaves from the vine
Slowly falling
Like fragile, tiny shells
Drifting in the foam

My little warrior
March towards home
Brave child
Take the road home

Thank you Isaia for giving me permission to use your beautiful tribute painting in this video.
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