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Hey I apologize if any of my old stuff from 2013 and 2014 popped up on friends lists. I was consolidating blog entries from various urls en masse late at night this past week and almost certainly forgot to tick the "Don't show on Reading pages" box on a handful of them. My bad.

I don't know if I'll ever really make it back to blogging or even writing in general, but some part of me feels like it's healthy to at least make an effort because I miss it.

These last couple years I've been progressively more internet-absent. I've been busy, busy, busy. 90% of it's work and the rest is health and family. Nothing that I feel like elaborating on, not for a while yet.

I still talk on twitter but not as much not by a long shot. 2015 and 2016 are on my Instagram in a piecemeal sense, I guess.

So I did cave and buy a smartphone summer of 2015. Finally, right? It's the yellow iphone 5c, and until someone makes another daffodil yellow phone, I won't be upgrading.

Lately I've been trying but failing to find my pink DS )

I don't use the "nijibug" handle online anymore, haven't for a good 3 years now, but I'm way too attached to this url and this url is too attached to its past, so I may pop in here from time to time just to use the space. My focus going forward continues to be on growing healthier, on writing a little and singing a little and not losing my self in the face of difficulties. I think I'll be okay.

PS. If anyone wants, I got some imzy invites to give away.
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there's a tiny shy mouse who lives in our apartment. we've named it figs. figs is about the size of a dumpling and has large ears. as far as we know, figs hasn't chewed up any cords or gotten into our food yet. we sometimes see it scurrying around at night. it seems to subsist on the crumbs we drop. lately, we've started leaving out bits of rue's rat food for figs. it moves very, very fast; we've never come close to catching it.

I don't mind having figs around, I just wish that I could somehow communicate to figs that we don't mean it any harm. I wonder if figs is alone or if there are other mice somewhere. We still can't figure out when/how figs got in. One night, I just started seeing it running rapidly between the heating bit on the wall and the tv stand.

bubble island still hasn't got any special flavors of the month. it's been a year now! I wonder if there will be pumpkin spice bubble tea this year at all.
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becca visited last week with liz! I ended up showing them around ann arbor a fair amount and we ate a lot.

we have so many cats roaming felch street. it's the street I take every day to and from work. on my way to work there's always a kitty under the pink flowers that bloom on the chain link fence who accosts me. it's such a cute kitty. it's grey with white paws. it likes to crawl up my legs sometimes which isn't good for my pants.

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ch 1: akashi briefs the miragen. kuroko gains custody of kagami. kagami tastes his first maji burger. we learn that kise is more or less a mole.

ch 2: kagami is less than pleased to be woken up by nigou. kagami vs the shower. aomine comes over with spare clothes for kagami. kuroko goes to visit shirogane in the hospital. kagami vs the tv. kise tries to convince kuroko to hand kagami over to him w/o revealing thaT HE'S WORKING FOR THE DEVIL.

ch 3: kuroko and kagami return to the police station where they talk with captain hyuuga, who is a history buff. momoi tries to interview them but police chief riko chases her off. later kuroko agrees to let momoi talk with kagami if in return she gives them any leads she finds. momoi helps them find out what befell himuro. kagami is shocked and saddened to learn that apparently his sworn brother was tried and executed for witchcraft. they visit himuro's grave and find a secret message, but akashi is also waiting for them there.

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I realized two things: whenever I have nightmares now, they always take place in the old house I grew up in, and also the reason I never scream anymore is because I'm always being hunted by something that requires me to stay silent.

The nightmare I just woke from only ended when my eyes opened (still dreaming) and realized that it was morning.

In my dream I had a pink cat(?) with the body of a border collie who was very loyal to me unto its death. It died of some sort of wasting disease that made its internal organs fall out. I remember when it died it was very flat. And we were in a ballroom? I was devastated.

I don't remember burying it. But then it started hunting people who hurt me. We lived in a castle or something in the middle of a frozen wasteland, and I could see from the windows my dead cat thing chasing ppl down and devouring them outside. It traveled at high speeds. It was black and disintegrating and eventually just became shaped like an arm with a maw.

I wished I could stop it but we couldn't communicate or I was too scared or some combination of these things. Naturally, it started turning against anyone who so much as said negative things to me. When people around me just started disappearing, that's when I started to hide from it.

Annie was here at my house trying to talk my mother out of berating me when it arrived. I assume it ate them both. I was in my room (in my old house; because remember even tho I dreamed we lived in a castle, its layout was still that of my old house) hiding under the covers with my bear, waiting for it to start knocking on my bedroom door when I forced myself out of my dream.
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last weekend (9/21) went with narnet to renfest and hung out with this baby brown bear

bear )

he was like 90% fur and 10% bear. he kept drooling when he drank his baby formula. he had eyes like a person.

and then last night this kitty followed aarthi home and had a sleepover with us

kitty )

she wandered off in the morning. we think she's probably just an outdoor kitty who wanders around a lot.
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GDCrew was interviewed in the 12th issue of COSTOP magazine, which to my understanding is a fairly well-known fashion/cosplay magazine in mainland China. (You can see that Ukrainian cosplayer/cosplay photographer kirawinter was featured in this magazine too, doing an interview on cosplay culture in Ukraine.)

GDCrew's interview had a little more to do with their One Piece skit last year than their Gintama skit this year, I felt, but it also has a lot of insight into how the team works. Translated text with photos below the cut!

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Links you'll want to check out:

GDCrew's One Piece skit (unsubbed) on youtube.

kularock's flickr set has over a hundred high quality photos from GDCrew's One Piece performance at nationals last year!

My GDCrew appreciation post has ~70 photos from this year's Gintama skit. (I have saved over 700 photos of GDCrew, and I don't even know what to do with them, so if there's anything you'd like to see, I do take requests. I have sent countless pictures to ppl via email, skype, etc. So just let me know what you want!)

The #gdcrew tag on my tumblr is updated much more frequently with photos than my blog here.
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OriginalChinese hanziMandarin pinyin
Leaves from the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile, tiny shells
Drifting in the foam

Little soldier boy
Come marching home
Brave soldier boy
Comes marching home

yèpiàn cóng téngmàn
huǎnmàn de zhuìluò
xiàng cuìruò xiǎo bèiké
piāoliú zài mò zhōng

wǒ de xiǎo yǒngshì
xiàng jiā mài bù
yǒnggǎn de háizi
zǒu huí jiā de lù

Thank you Isaia for giving me permission to use your beautiful tribute painting in this video.


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